One month

Nearly one month since the election and we aren’t stopping and neither should you!

We are a country wracked by in-fighting, finger-pointing, and helpless apathy, with a small vocal minority expressing their outrage. None of that is helpful. What *is* helpful is to have a plan. The Tuesday after the election we launched the website and #OperationCyouNextTuesday, with the corresponding Twitter account. We have gained over 100 followers in that time.  Each one of you following and hoping for something to do, some guidance, you are all part of this. and we hear you, we are listening!
Agenda for the week of December 5:

We are working with other groups to coordinate and share information, ideas and actions. If you have a group please contact us, we would love to highlight your group.

Good news! The Dakota  Access Pipeline was denied easement permits and now alternative routes must be explored. Of course we expect the new administration to fight this, and we will fight back!
Local elections and involvement are more important than ever!
Join up!
Get involved in BIG and small ways!
Give time and money to good people in your community running for office!

Well, it’s Tuesday. So, first, take a look at some of the top issues happening today that need action:

A great site here :
you can find how to contact your representatives, important issues to call about and great scripts to use for your calls. Remember CALLING is what works according to many many people who have worked for congress.

If you are in Texas you should let Senator John Cornyn (202-224-2934) know that you support the ACA and agree it should cover ALL.

Money Talks

This election has made it very clear that  money is very important to many people both in and out of government, money may not be important for you personally but the companies need our 64+ million votes worth of money and we can use our voices to let them know we will not support them if they support hate, misogyny, racism or bigotry of any kind.

Do this and let advertisers know that you will not support their brands when they advertise on Breitbart, then take a moment to email Kelloggs and thank them for removing their ads. It’s also a great time of year to give some great cereals and treats to your local food bank!

H.R.6340 – Presidential Accountability Act
Introduced by Rep Clark
Everyone is encouraged to call the House Oversight Committee and *your* representatives to express support for this bill.

Call Chairman of Committee on Oversight & Gov. Reform Jason Chaffetz.
Tell him to open investigation into Trump’s conflicts of interest.

Call the office of the Comptroller General of the Government Accountability Office
(202) 512-5500 and tell them you support Senator Warren’s request to audit the President Elect’s finances for conflicts of interest.

then email these three addresses:
Katherine Siggerud
Timothy Minnelli
One short, polite sentence is fine.

I am writing in support of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s request for an audit of our incoming President Elect’s finances to prohibit conflicts of interest that would prevent him from carrying out the responsibilities of the office without corrupt influence.

Rally others to make calls!
Challenge your friends, neighbors, family, your whole community to take action and call representatives every week. Follow up with them and hold them to their “homework”
Only by participating and acting can we hope to stem the forces working against democracy. Silence helps their side, don’t be silent, create a chorus of voices.

Share your success with us here, we love to hear about your active involvement!

Challenge yourself to do things you don’t like so you can have all the rights you love!

It’s ok to be nervous when making a call to an elected official. I will admit it, I *hate* talking on the phone, which is why Twitter, Facebook, and petitions feel like ‘safe’ places from which to fight for me. However, winning a battle sometimes means meeting the enemy at center field, or waging war on their territory – something the US has been great at doing to others. Get out of your comfort zone, make a list of who to call, write a script, and make those calls. Keep calm, take a deep breath, and know that you can do it. If you have to, visualize yourself making a successful phone call first. Call someone and practice. Know that you are probably getting an intern, and that they want to be working in politics to represent the people, of which you are one. When you’re done, thank them for their time, and tell them you look forward to talking to them again when you Call You Next Tuesday.

Lastly, make sure you care for yourself. You can’t be a great warrior without armor, a shield, or defenses. Keep building your defenses in the best ways for you. If that means an extra latte at Starbucks, go for it. If that means hitting snooze one more time this morning, do it. If that means turning all media off between 7 pm and 7 am and focusing on family, friends, pets, crafts, a walk in the woods, whatever…just do it.
Feel free to share with us your experience, either here in the comments, on our Contact page, or on Twitter.

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