How It Began

A note from our founder:

Like many Americans, I woke up on November 8 elated to be voting for the first female President of our country. I was worried for a potential Trump victory, but being an optimistic person by nature and living in the blue state of California, I told myself he truly had no chance at winning.

Unfortunately I now realize that I was living in California’s bubble of respecting others as they are because we woke up the following morning in a country where the title “President-elect Trump” is now a thing. It is a new harsh reality that Trump’s campaign and election has emboldened the hate groups like the KKK to celebrate his victory. Adults and children alike have now seen Trump’s victory as the green light to vocally and through both words and actions make their hate known to others.

Wednesday, I was in tears.

I cried for my 12 year old daughter, and for my LGBTIA friends waking up in a state of shock and fear. I cried for my neighbors from Mexico, wondering what would happen to them and their future. Most importantly, I cried for the country I love and could no longer recognize.

My first thought was “I’m just one person, there’s nothing I can do about this.”

Then I thought about the Last Week Tonight episode regarding the NRA. John Oliver bluntly stated that despite the NRA’s relatively small number of members, it routinely galvanizes its members into action regarding any legislation that affects their cause. They call and write their representatives regularly and in force.

I am inspired to do the same.

Starting this Tuesday, and continuing every Tuesday going forward, we will call and write (not email) our State and Federal Representatives, as well as our state District offices. This isn’t a campaign of harrassment, but rather a chance to speak to them as people, giving them polite, specific, and personal stories about why they should or should not pass legislation or allow an appointment. The United States government is a government for the people, of the people, and by the people.

We are the people and we should make our voices heard.

I ask you to reach out to others who are also feeling frustrated and the need to do something. Share this idea far and wide. Use your social media accounts to remind people to call every Tuesday. Get together with friends, family, and even strangers for coffee or a meal somewhere and call and write as a group. Remind each other that you are not alone, and there is a community that we are all part of, and we must support each other.

Realistically, we must be prepared for the fact that we will not always get the results we want with these actions. Yet, we must keep the pressure on our elected officials, not only for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, but all our loved ones. Do this for those who are afraid of what a Trump administration may do to their lives.

Operation CALL You Next Tuesday

Here on the website we will support you, offer you tools to make these calls, and encourage you. Spread the message using the hashtag #OperationCYouNextTuesday, the web address, Twitter, Facebook, and just tell people.

America will not become a country of hate and intolerance. Together, we can make a difference. We can make this a country for all people to live free of fear or scorn.

We will not live in a hateful America.

Please, join me.  Protect our country, and protect each other. Use your voice. Speak up and be heard.


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