Guest Post – I Made My Call

On Tuesday I called my governor’s office. I live in the blue state of Maryland, but we (unfortunately) have a republican governor. Like many places, after the election we saw a disturbing and sharp increase in hate crimes across the state. Swastikas spray painted on people’s cars and buildings and sidewalks. Black Lives Matter signs have been defaced, immigrant neighborhoods have woken up to “whites only” signs on their lawns and there have been multiple reports of children being harassed and bullied in schools. And through all this, Governor Hogan has refused to issue a statement condemning the hate crimes. I called to ask him to speak out against the xenophobia and racism publicly. The staff member who answered the phone read me a statement, but when I asked if it would be released to the media was told no, it was only for people who called. I expressed my profound disappointment in such a cowardly act and again called for him to make the statement public.

I’ve also started making it a point to call friends and family on a regular basis. So many people, including me, are going through such a hard time in the aftermath of the election, it’s a good idea to do a weekly check in with those who may be struggling. It’s easy to isolate yourself and sink into depression and hopelessness. We’re all going to need each other more than ever in the next four years, let’s make it part of our protests, part of the resistance to make sure that no one slips through the cracks. Call your friends, your neighbors, your family, check in with the more vulnerable members of your community. We really are stronger together.

B from Maryland

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